Digital Transformation

Digital transformation innovates at the intersection of experiences and operations to engage customers, partners, employees, and management in a more personalized way that works better for each.

  • Taxworx
  • E-Lawyer
  • IoT Platform

Data Compliance Tool

The City’s Data Challenge - a challenge between Dubai’s government and semi-government data strategy partners to accelerate the collection and submission of data. Hypercell implemented a Data Compliance Tool which facilitate data definition between smart Dubai office and other governmental entities in Dubai.

TaxWorx - UAE

Aligning with the Gulf countries’ government’s new direction to start applying the (Value Added Tax) VAT law for the commercial transactions, TaxWorx predicts a demand from the SMEs business to get basic document management, meta data and archiving service; and VAT calculation service(s) without bearing the cost and complexity of acquiring and managing the underlying hardware and software or expertise.

Client Orders

The main purpose of this application is to collect information once the client made a payment transaction to Intercement as bank account and post a new cement order.

eLawyer - UAE

  • Legal platform to help people easily look for legal advice and finds a lawyer, client has to register using website\mobile app and then ask his\her legal questions then the platform will search for suitable lawyers who can answer this question then client can ask for online chat with one of these lawyers for more legal advice.
  • Also client can search for specific lawyer by his name\code and establish a online chat session, the price of the chat session is fixed but registered lawyer can set his\her own chat session price.

Product Truck Tracking

Develop a set of mobile apps which help Inter Cement to automate the clients’ orders, sales persons visits and track cement delivery to customers, with a set of data analytics and reporting with online and interactive dashboards.