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At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.

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Hypercell is a technology consulting company based in Cairo started 2011. It is built on a solid foundation of trust and professionalism, offering vendor independent solutions based on top technologies and methodologies. Our scope is to create innovative products built on the top of proven technologies and to provide professional services, custom software and client support in a unique way.

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Our Strategy

What We Do

Hypercell is not an average custom software development company. First of all, we are interested in ALL of the latest technologies and cover as much as possible. We stand behind our code and our people, making sure to bring quality implementations and fair working atmosphere.

How We Do

We cover the complete solution life-cycle – from analysis and mockups, to creative design works and front end development according to client branding. The custom software development and implementation are done according to widely used development methodologies and depending on project needs.

Strategic Partnerships

We strongly believe that no company can make it by itself. We support our strategic and technology partners for many projects and we deeply believe in collaboration. Creating meaningful partnerships makes us stronger and are able to offer more diverse services to our clients.

Customized Products

Our cloud based products can help you to provide your online services to your direct customers, these platform are totally customized to fit with your requirements and needs without pay attention to IT infrastructure and cost.

Our Experience


Telecom Sector

Offers our customers wholesome intelligent solutions based on our knowledge, years of experiences and innovation. We also provide services to complement all Telecom and more.

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Energy Sector

Offering set of smart metering solutions to energy utilities (electricity, water & gas) which integrates with smart meters trough it’s headend systems which will have more efficiency, lower operating costs and provide better customer service.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation innovates at the intersection of experiences and operations to engage customers, partners, employees, and management in a more personalized way that works better for each.

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Our Clients