Telecom Sector

Offers our customers wholesome intelligent solutions based on our knowledge, years of experiences and innovation. We also provide services to complement all Telecom and more!

  • Charging Adapter.
  •  Collection & Risk management.
  • E-Bill Platform.
  • Reconciliation Engine.
  • Selfcare App

Charging Adapter

Charging Adapter

  • Providing a layer over charging system to optimize and manage requests, with handlers to build workflows and process CDRs from mediation.
    • Integration with UCIP & ACIP
    • Integration with BSC via soap web service.

Diameter Adapter

  • Provide a tool to be used to simulate mobile usage (data and calls) to be used while testing application platforms as well as integration.
    • Provide an integration layer over charging system to implement diameter protocol.
    • Implement simulators to provide mobile data\call usage to help in testing application.

eBill Engine

Orange e-bill engine is a platform which provide the other systems like web portal and mobile application with the electronic bills, call usage, detailed reports, … etc.

  • Integration with BSCS every bill cycle.
  • Process BGH files generated by billing.
  • Prepare search engine using elastic search.
  • Integrate with Prepaid via web services.
  • Provide web portal for customer care agents.
  • Analytics and reports.

Collection & Risk Management

Collection and risk management application is a web administration tool by customer care agents to manage the invoices dues and maintain postpaid customer collection, also the application provide analytics for call usage to manage risk of the customer who may exceed average consumptions.

  • Integration with BSCS and other systems.
  • Analytics and reports for risk management.
  • Workflow engine to manage lifecycle.
  • Execute actions (Soft Dis., Disconnect, SMS, … etc.)